The Light Princess: A Story for The Ages


 Few 21st century writers were as impactful or as prolific as C.S. Lewis. A master of theological treatises as well as essays, reflective devotionals and fantastic stories, Lewis was unparalleled in his breadth and depth.Yet he did not write in isolation. Lewis was profoundly shaped, both personally and professionally, by another theologian-author who wrote several decades before Lewis. George MacDonald was a Scottish minister and writer who also produced both theological and narrative works. A godfather of the fantasy genre, MacDonald crafted complex allegorical fairy tales accessible to readers of all ages. The Light Princess is one of MacDonald’s best known and most beloved works. Telling the story of a princess who has no physical or emotional gravity, The Light Princess weaves together themes of love, sacrifice and redemption. Without gravity, the princess is incapable of authentic feeling - she does not know true happiness or true sorrow. Her existence is entirely self-absorbed and she is unaffected by the emotional plight of those around her.

Consequently, when a kind prince arrives on the scene, she is unmoved by his feelings for her and cannot return his affection. Nor does she appreciate the sacrifice he makes to keep her safe and happy: when the princess’s beloved lake, the only place she can be without needing a tether, begins to dry up, the prince volunteers to give his life in order to fill the lake with water once more. MacDonald makes the power and profundity of sacrificial love all the more potent by contrasting it with the princess’s vapidity and lack of recognition. And the “magic” of such a loving sacrifice becomes crystal clear when it finally overcomes the curse that emptied the princess of her gravitas to begin with.The Light Princess is a story for all ages and for the ages, and has been brought to new life by Cave Pictures Publishing, a new comic book and graphic novel publishing venture producing “modern myths.” Cave’s titles, including The Light Princess, can be purchased at local comic shops, starting now! Simply visit your local shop and ask the owner or manager to order a copy for you. Issue One of The Light Princess is included in the December Previews catalogue which all shops receive from Diamond Distributors. The catalogue number is 181766 and can be found HERE.

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