Superbowl for Dads

By Mark RodgersNot the game.  Not the half time.  But the best ads ever.  Why?  First, we didn't have to cover our kids eyes as often as in the past, and second, there were actually ads that we want to see again.  And again.  Why?  Because they were life affirming, and a number were father-affirming.

As a Dad, I was doubly thankful.
From the left to the right, the consequence of absent fathers is undeniable.
What is also undeniable, is that fathers are often portrayed in entertainment as buffoons and juvenile.    Thankfully, a number of observers have noticed the shift in culture to affirming rather than denigrating fathers.
Thank you, Nissan, Dove and Toyota for affirming fathers. Next year, let's hope some more U.S.-based brands join the chorus.