New Book by Steven Garber

VoVRecently, our friend, Dr. Steven Garber, released his newest book entitled Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good.Dr. Garber is the Principle and Founder of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture, and author of the book Fabric of Faithfulness. His work and life revolve around teaching, mentoring,speaking and writing on what it means to live life meaningfully and faithfully in today's complex culture.Here is what some other folks are saying about the book:"Visions of Vocation is a thoughtful meditation on human brokenness and our failure to be honest in recognizing Thoreau’s insight that most of us live lives of quiet desperation.  Rather than preach despair, Garber points us to Scripture, literature, music, and film to illustrate the simple truth that the examined life is the only one worth living. There is no better evidence of this than the stories he tells about his own life and his community of friends who have been thoughtful and intentional about asking the big questions over the years of their lives. How fitting that in a book about vocation, Steven Garber has winsomely achieved his life’s greatest work."- Michael Flaherty, Co-Founder and President, Walden Media"Steve Garber is one of the few consistent sources of wisdom that I rely on personally for my journey as an artist and as a Christ-follower. Vision of Vocation is Magi's stars to the weary travelers in faith and culture, a clear manifestation in the dark skies of our complex times to point to an integrated source of wisdom, delight and hope." -Makoto Fujimura, Artist"If I could sit at the feet of anyone to learn about vocation, it would be Steven Garber. Tuck yourself away in a corner with these pages and prepare your heart and soul to dream again. In a culture where imaginations are running dry, Garber floods your mind with the possibilities of what your role might be in putting the world back together, one vocation at a time." -Gabe Lyons, author, The Next Christians & Founder, Q IdeasWell done, Steve. We can't wait to read it. Get your copy here.