Faith Leaders on Restorative Justice


The Clapham Group supports a wide variety of policy reform efforts from foster care reform to global health and energy initiatives through the work of our philanthropic and non-profit clients. During the past year, one particularly encouraging area that we’ve been involved with is the tremendous bi-patisan efforts to advocate for reform in the criminal justice system at both the state and national level for adults and juveniles. Recently, Abby Skeans, Esq. (Senior Associate for Justice and Child Welfare) shared with one of our crucial partners in this effort, Prison Fellowship, about the role of the church and government in advocating for restorative justice processes in the criminal justice system and how Christian leaders and people of faith can speak up for those who find themselves affected by the system.

To learn more about how the church and government can be change agents in the criminal justice system, watch Prison Fellowship’s Faith Leader’s Video below.