Celebrating the Life of William Wilberforce

By Molly ConnollyWe join our friends at The Trinity Forum this month to celebrate the life of a man who is central to the mission of the work we do. William Wilberforce (August 24 24, 1759 - July 29, 1833) was a British politician, philanthropist and abolitionist who had an extraordinary impact on many areas of society including child labor, animal cruelty and the slave trade in England. He worked tirelessly to promote the common good and catalyze the “reformation of manners” in his country. The Clapham Group gets its namesake from the group of activists that Wilberforce himself was a part of, The Clapham Sect.This month, The Trinity Forum Reading Series has adapted a lecture given by biographer John Pollock at the British National Gallery that describes the incredible life of William Wilberforce. We highly recommend you get your hands on this reading in order to understand more fully the man who inspires so much of what we do here at The Clapham Group.Order your copy HERE