Care about our nation’s most vulnerable students? Take the Hope for Students pledge today!

Hope for Students is a national movement of people of faith united around a common pledge to shine a light on education inequality through prayer, compassionate service and faithful advocacy. Do you believe in an amazing education for all God’s children, regardless of the money their parents make, the zip code they live in, or the color of their skin?
Your voice matters. Take the Hope for Students pledge today. America’s students need you to stand up and be counted.
Together you’ll help grow a movement of people of faith committed to ending educational inequality. You’ll have access to resources and tools that will help you shine a light on this issue in your community. You’ll be joining forces with amazing organizations like The Expectations Project, inspirational leaders like Nicole Baker Fulgham, and powerful culture-makers like Kirk Franklin and the Gospel Music Association, who are all committed to equipping you to lead on this issue.
So what are you waiting for? Take the Hope for Students Pledge or download this free e-book to join the movement.
Click HERE to take the pledge today!
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