Wedgwood Investor Event 2010

Two weeks ago, the Wedgwood Circle team packed their bags with eager anticipation and headed to Santa Monica for their 4th Annual Investor Event. It was a full week of dynamic conversations, encouraging community building and promising deal flow. Wedgwood Circle has become a mature and growing community - one that people see and no longer say, "What is this?" and, "Are you sure this is going to work?" but rather, "Yes. I want to be a part of this." And even better, "When is the next conference?!" It is a great honor and privilege to see how a conversation that started in 2005 and a gathering held in New York City in 2006 has followed a course which resulted in the three-day California event that still has people buzzing about the community, the conversations and the investments.Wedgwood Circle kicked off the Annual Investor Event with a dinner on the Pacific Terrace at Shutters on the Beach, followed by dialogue with Micheal Flaherty (President of Walden Media), Sean Astin (Actor in Lord of the Rings,Rudy and The Goonies) and Ned Lott (Casting Director for The Chronicles of Narnia)at the Fox Studios Lot in Los Angeles before closing with an exclusive screening of the last in the Narnia series: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The Annual Event continued on Thursday at Shutters on the Beach with conversations with Kiel Murray and Phil Lorin (Writers/Development Team from Pixar Animation Studios), led by Wedgwood's Facilitator of Meaning, Steve Garber, followed by a presentation of Wedgwood Circle's Sapere Funds and the debut of Wedgwood's Investment Sector Strategies in partnership with Pepperdine University. Thursday's entertainment continued at the Annenberg Community Beach House with a breathtaking performance by singer/songwriter, Mariah McManus, valuable insights from Norman Stone (Producer ofShadowlands and Beyond Narnia) and Max McLean (Actor, The Screwtape Letters Off-Broadway) - including an exciting cameo from "Uncle Screwtape," himself! - and closing with the heartfelt music of Caleb Slade, Denver-based musician and pianist. Wedgwood's Annual Event concluded on Friday with a dynamic roundtable with Kevin Kelly (Wired Magazine), Jaeson Ma (, Gabriel Schulze (Schulze Global Investments Ltd.), George Zhao (Kay Family Foundation) and Scott Wong (Brethren Entertainment) about the ever-changing technologies of the arts and entertainment industry, following by an inspiring closing address from David Stroud (Newfrontiers UK) and lunch at the office of MPower Pictures.Mark and Kristin sat together this past week and continued to reflect on the event, still smiling. Mark approached the white board, as he often does, and began scribbling the names of several Wedgwood Annual Event attendees: Bill Mechanic (Titanic), Grant Curtis (Spiderman 1, 2, & 3), Ralph Winter (X-Men; Fantastic Four), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings; Rudy), Steve McEveety (Passion of the Christ; Braveheart), and Micheal Flaherty (The Chronicles of Narnia). How incredible to know such influencers were not only in their midst, but are committed in their faith and to the success of work that is "good, true and beautiful for the common good." Thanks be to God!

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