Something Old, Something New

If you’re jumping on the comic book craze, collecting everything from Spiderman to Watchmen, there’s still a good chance you’re reading the buggy whip version of the medium. Gone are the days when a comic had to be printed on that old fashioned stuff, what do you call it again? Ah, yes…paper. The computer has developed a new form of comic distribution and not only has the paper been replaced with pixels, but the new model gives the comic away!There are now thousands of comics delivered on the web, known as webcomics. My foray into the field is an original story called RATFIST. I started my webcomic delivering a page a day on a website of the same name. We started with a few hundred visits and peaked at 14,000 unique visits a day. Over the entire 6 month run, Ratfist got over 1.3 million views. That’s more exposure than all of my other 10 published books combined.But don’t fret if you’re the old fashioned type, because the RATFIST webcomic just got printed in graphic novel form and published by Image Comics! The story is still a spicy, satirical view of a world gone to Socialism in a hand-basket, but now it can be purchased at your local comic book store! Why should all the pixel pushers have all the fun?By Doug TenNapel

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