She's My Sister

The Clapham Group is pleased to have renewed our work with the American Bible Society. Clapham is serving ABS by advising on their public square engagement and more specifically on their She's My Sister initiative.

She’s My Sister is a new signature initiative of American Bible Society responding to vicious acts of war that have left women broken and children orphaned in the Great Lakes Region of central Africa. Using a proven program of Scripture-based trauma healing, it helps women start their lives anew and birth restored societies from the ashes of national trauma.

Scripture plays both a healing and a restoring role against these horrors and provides a framework for justiceforgiveness, and the hope that is so desperately needed.

She’s My Sister includes a consortium of faith-based groups that helps local leaders provide holistic programs of restoration. It also addresses systems of evil by mobilizing a new generation to live the  Scriptures. The consortium is raising its voice in marketplaces, public squares, board rooms and halls of power, speaking against systemic corruption and conflict with an unexpected message from Africa: An encounter with the Bible brings restoration within reach of any society—or individual.

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