In Defense of Faith by David Brog

In Defense of FaithDavid Brog Releases New Book: In Defense of FaithDavid Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel, just released his critically acclaimed new book In Defense of Faith.In Defense of Faith asserts that the belief in the sanctity and equality of all humans at the core of both Judaism and Christianity-what Brog calls the "Judeo-Christian idea"-has been our most effective tool in the struggle for humanity. The Judeo-Christian idea, Brog argues, has provided the intellectual foundation for human rights. Even more importantly, he maintains, the Judeo-Christian idea has repeatedly inspired the faithful to devote their lives to, and often risk their lives in, the fulfillment of these high ideals.David Brog will be speaking at churches, Christian colleges, and seminaries across the country this fall.For more information about David Brog or In Defense of Faith, click here.