Razoo exists to help people find their passion. We built Razoo as a platform that helps you learn about various causes and connect with people who care deeply about similar issues. It's a place where you can discover what makes you come alive. It's different for each of us, so learn.Razoo exists to inspire you towards and celebrate 'ah ha' moments. By providing a platform for expression, we hope to share moments of fulfillment with each other. These moments can happen anywhere, any time and provide the fuel to propel us towards greater service and sacrifice. There are so many great stories, so connect.Razoo exists to make it easy to give and serve. Our ultimate hope is to see people become more socially conscious and entrepreneurial by focusing on action, practical solutions, and enterprise. You can start making a difference today, so take action.Razoo exists to change your world. Giving is huge part of our existence, and we would like to see a change in giving of the heart and mind, not just in the wallet. It is not simply a question of can we build a popular website, but can we build one that also changes hearts, minds, and culture.The Clapham Group provided:* Strategic consulting and branding thoughts* Introductory relationships with multi-national corporations

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